Fear is Just a Lie

ירא Yare’ – to fear, revere, be afraid

“Fear is just a lie”, when you think about it that is quite a bold statement.

I probably have heard Tenth Avenue North’s song, Strong Enough to Save, hundreds of times. I could easily sing all the lyrics exactly without a problem.
However, have you ever had a time where you read over a scripture you know by heart and then God shows you something completely different? Well, that’s why we call the Bible the living word. You may find things you’ve missed in other books, but God speaks through His word to your heart. The same verse may mean different things to different people in different circumstances, and yet is never changing. The Bible only becomes stale and stagnant when you let it.
Anyway, just like the Bible (because it comes directly from the Bible) this phrase from the song jumped out at me this time. FEAR IS A LIE. It is an untruth. There is no need to fear because fear is a deception from the enemy. Is God not strong enough to save? Is there anything not in His plan? When we fear we are in essences saying, “God, I know you said you would take care of me, but I don’t believe you. I don’t think you can handle it this time.”

It’s true there is sometimes legitimate danger, like if a lion is presently chasing you, teeth bared, however, when you constantly think about all the troubles you could be in that don’t presently exist, for instance, “The lazy man says, “ There is a lion in the road! A fierce lion is in the streets!” (Proverbs 26:13 NKJV) That is A. an excuse and B. letting the fear of the unknown take control.

Yare’ the Hebrew word for fear is in the Old Testament 370 times. A lot of those are part of the phrase “Fear not”, and if He’s not saying, “Fear not”, He’s usually saying, “Fear God”. Those are really your only options. You can fear your circumstances, you can fear other people, you can even fear your own body, or you can decide to fear God and respect Him.

I like the way this blogger made a graphic about it. Fear is obviously a trick the enemy knows how to use against us. God reassures us so many times, yet we still can easily regress. I could list everyone of these scriptures as extra scripture to meditate on (and you should look some of them up), but like I said she has already done it so beautifully I’d rather you go through her.

God loves you so much. So much you can’t even understand. He wants only the best for your life, and sometimes that means he wants you to be your best. There really is nothing to fear, God’s got this.


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  1. Another thought I had on this subject is fear is often translated also as respect. The Bible teaches us there is only one we should fear and that is God. If we fear other people, situations, or even the devil where then is that respect going? It’s not on God, the one whom you should fear.

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